Western time is an interactive installation for single participant. It is a journey into sound that wants the idea of expectations in music listening to be a metaphor of our living experience.
The interaction affordable within the installation allows the participant to move through three streams of sound. Moving back or forth correspond to play different section of the audio in a seamless and fully controllable fashion.
Compared to a conventional music playback, in which the listener organizes the sound material in pattern, repetitions and structures, and build inferences of the event which will follow, the bodily interaction produces here the structure, the timing of the event and eventual repetitions. In turns, expectations are created and orchestrated by the participant in manners compliant to his/her own aesthetic.
The idea that the user can direct this sound evolution, these narratives arches of expectations and fulfillment, metaphorically points to a wider life experience: restructuring the timeline, the sequence of events by which, one attributes meaning to experiences. It challenges a narrative, linear conception of the life time and tries to re-establish a contact with the time continuum, the moment and the chance.

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