8-channel audiovisual installation for actuated trays filled with water

Romans sculpture produced many copies of Greek statues from the idealism period.
While striving for realism they found of uttermost importance to preserve the ideal beauty embodied in Greek sculpture for posterity.
That ideal is a promise.
Those icons are lost futures.
Re-enacting those still poses and giving life to them is an attempt to regain contact with such a legacy.
Once that fail, what is left are forms; structures and nostalgia.

ECHOES is part of my undercurrent artistic research about recordings, memories and coping with their loss, especially in the way memories constitute our identity by layering over time but also by inevitably decaying and leaving space for transformation. By using media technology, I operate on memory through recording, such as sound and video recordings and still images. Furthermore, my working process is to decompose, reduce and reassemble this material in search of a condensed version that retains traits of the original shape but is hardly recognizable.
I like to consider my pieces also as interfaces, as lenses through which one observes the process of transformation and decay of these images. When transparent, the interface modifies the images without the viewer being aware of its presence. Nevertheless when the interface itself changes over time, for instance being destroyed or melting (The Interface is Opaque, MUU Gallery, 2014) its function becomes clear: mediating the experience of what it allows to access. This duality raises an interesting ambiguity that is characteristic of memories, they are past experiences and yet they affect and color our future ones.
Growing up immersed in an environment like Rome, I find it particularly powerful to deal with childhood memories of artifacts that also have a universal value. Art and architecture from the classic tradition is the urban landscape I was born in. Those images that have been impressive and inspiring are now nostalgic and symbols of lost futures.
I try to approach those images in an effort to bring them to the surface and re-actualize memories, scraping, extracting features, digitally manipulating them and setting them in motion.
Memories are fluid; they vanish and re-emerge, get transformed and rewritten, yet constitute our identity.
ECHOES further explores the theme of memory transformation through the transformation of the medium, using traces from a Western cultural imagery of human figures and poses belonging to the classical tradition. These figures, materialized by re-enacting the original ones, appear and engage the visitor as moving portraits recognizable more in their movements than for the human features. They are like a reduced dream.
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