e-mpact A is a multimedia dance performance where choreographed and improvised elements coexist and articulate themselves through motion, visuals and sound.
The piece stems from both electronic and environmental impact. The performance takes an ecological point of view regarding the relation between a cyborg and its environment, who affect and react to each other in a fluid feedback loop.
Augmented by means of sensors, the dancer’s costume provides him with the possibility of creating and interacting with the music and the visuals, sometimes as an instrument and other times in conversation with them.
The visuals appear as organisms that occupy the same space as that of the dancer, interacting with him. Their movement is driven by the sound as if they were dancing to it.
When the visual elements and the dancer’s body are close enough, the costume becomes the point of contact that makes the dialogue between real and virtual possible.
The artistic team includes also costume designer Sampo Lehtinen, industrial designer Mikko Anttilainen and media artist Tuukka Takala.

Presented at Cartes Flux festival, Espoo, Finland, 20th October 2012.

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E-mpact A
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